Cocoons as Symbols

In May, I will have the Featured Artist Wall at Charlotte Art League and have been working on two, larger paintings (24″Wx46″T) for that show. Also a couple smaller ones (16″x24″) that may be ready in time. The themes of transformation, change, and metamorphosis are still driving much of my art  probably because those are the issues that predominate in my thoughts and spiritual musings as I intentionally move through my life journey.

I’m again using the title “contemplation: cocoon” for this show because it’s a continuation of my solo exhibit at Mooresville Arts in September 2014. But I was moved to write this new description to hang near my paintings:

contemplation: cocoon

 A constant flow of change characterizes all of Life.

Some of that change is out of our control. However…

We can influence some changes with conscious intention.

For me, cocoons have become symbols of

those opportunities for conscious, spiritual evolution

offered in each and every moment.

To ‘grow up,’ or ‘grow down.’

To close into the status quo, or open into possibility.

 Cocoons offer respite and nourishment for emergence into

Increased personal awareness and growth, as well as

Greater intrapersonal uplifting and connection.

 Soften. Open. Breathe.

Allow these cocoon images to remind you of the limitless

transformative path we are all traveling.

 –Susan Andre´, May 2015

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