February 28, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

Whoopee, the free little art gallery is back thanks to talented, local artist/craftsperson, Mark Pashayan!!! Gallery viewers, art recipients, walkers and joggers have expressed gratitude that the whimsical, create-and-share has returned to the 1700 block of Virginia Road!!

Grand re-opening art included some pieces that quickly moved out to new forever homes:

Then we had a weekend of windy, RAINY weather…

But FLAG2 was quickly back for creativity sharing:

Unfortunately, one of our favorite gallery patrons disappeared:

We miss Sassy!!

A creative family in New Jersey sent freelittleartgallery_ws1 some of their pieces:

New York artist, @smoothraypaints, mailed some cool prints and more items continued to be placed in the gallery.

Looking forward to more creativity in March…

Thank you all

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