June 29, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

Seems the pace of taking pieces of free art slowed down the past month. There were some new, mostly unknown contributors sharing their creative efforts though! This is the art I was able to photograph before it went to new, forever homes:

It’s always a pleasure to curate the offerings in the freelittleartgallery_ws1, and I hope fellow creatives continue to share during the summer months.



please tell other creatives about the opportunity…

May 27, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

What??!? Did I NOT publish an update for the month of April?? I know I spent time on it…. Could be worse! 😉

Here’s the art I know passed through the gallery in recent weeks:

I hope to keep current as May rolls into June, and intend another free little art gallery update towards the end of June.