November 30, 2020 freelittleartgallery_ws1

It was a busy month with family, and my attention to the gallery was intermittent, at best. There were times the gallery was almost empty, waiting for the next creative to share, but an unknown artist donated a bunch of fun watercolors which were taken by passing patrons.

End of October

This is the art I know moved through the gallery during November:

A rainy morning on November 30th…

The rain gauge had 2.8 inches this morning but now the sky is clearing and the sun is shining. All the better to take some art for yourself and/or to offer some art for the next lucky patron!!

As always, GRATITUDE!!

October 30, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

October 7, 2022

The gallery started out a bit sparse in early October, with space for new contributions from local creatives and generous souls. Sure enough, before long, there was a spat of givers and takers which is a pleasure to behold.

Here are photos of artwork that passed through the gallery this month:

Gallery on October 30, 2022

The gallery will be emptied for Halloween. There’ll be lots of room for new items starting in November. Keep creating and sharing, and tell your friends to join in the fun of giving and taking free art!

September 30, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

The gallery on August 31, 2022

September has been a busy month with more gallery viewers, takers, and contributors. Free Little Art Gallery_WS1 seems to have alot of young, devoted patrons who insist their walks with parents/grandparents include this block of Virginia Road. What a joy to inspire young ones to enjoy and share creativity!

Known art to have passed through the gallery this month:

Goldenrod Solidago starting to bloom, Sept 13th

Remember to tell/ask your friends to contribute to the gallery. Let’s see what exciting pieces show up next month!!

(I may be slower posting photos on IG because one of my sisters is arriving from Australia for six weeks.)


August 30, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

This was the gallery on July 31st

There was a bit more traffic at the gallery this month. It’s so much fun to see kids who have the gallery as a regular stop on their routes or who ask their grandparents to bring them by after dinner! I was away for some time in August but know the following art was enjoyed and taken from the gallery:

The white and pink/white fish were folded from a contributed drawing!

I have a very talented friend who visited from Arizona and taught me a couple origami folds while she was here. We passed a young artist on our evening walk and told him we would fold the drawing he had just left in the gallery. How much fun is that??

The gallery on August 23, 2022

July 31, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

July 4, 2022

The first part of July brought all the rain we didn’t have in June. And now the later part of July is hot days with fewer mid-day walkers. It was a slow month for art-taking but I did see a motorscooter arrive at the gallery one evening and a car pull up the other day (if I’m working at my desk, I can see the gallery through the window).

These are the pieces I know have moved from the gallery into the world, spreading joy and creativity:

WANTED: items for the free art gallery!

What do you have to offer? What do your creative friends have to share with the world?

June 29, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

Seems the pace of taking pieces of free art slowed down the past month. There were some new, mostly unknown contributors sharing their creative efforts though! This is the art I was able to photograph before it went to new, forever homes:

It’s always a pleasure to curate the offerings in the freelittleartgallery_ws1, and I hope fellow creatives continue to share during the summer months.



please tell other creatives about the opportunity…

May 27, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

What??!? Did I NOT publish an update for the month of April?? I know I spent time on it…. Could be worse! 😉

Here’s the art I know passed through the gallery in recent weeks:

I hope to keep current as May rolls into June, and intend another free little art gallery update towards the end of June.

March 30, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

March 5th was the one year anniversary of the freelittleartgallery_ws1. AMAZING!

March 2022 had some warmer weather, some rain, snow flurries, and cold days. It was a slower month for people TAKING art, but here’s the art that passed through the gallery that I was able to catch and photograph:

Things were moving slowly, so STREAMERS were added to the free little art gallery. They really catch your eye when the wind is blowing!

MORE encouragement to TAKE art!!

Looking forward to April with new and previous artists contributing to the fun, and new and previous patrons taking art to enjoy or pass on to someone else…

Happy Spring!

February 28, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

Whoopee, the free little art gallery is back thanks to talented, local artist/craftsperson, Mark Pashayan!!! Gallery viewers, art recipients, walkers and joggers have expressed gratitude that the whimsical, create-and-share has returned to the 1700 block of Virginia Road!!

Grand re-opening art included some pieces that quickly moved out to new forever homes:

Then we had a weekend of windy, RAINY weather…

But FLAG2 was quickly back for creativity sharing:

Unfortunately, one of our favorite gallery patrons disappeared:

We miss Sassy!!

A creative family in New Jersey sent freelittleartgallery_ws1 some of their pieces:

New York artist, @smoothraypaints, mailed some cool prints and more items continued to be placed in the gallery.

Looking forward to more creativity in March…

Thank you all

January 29, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

A new and improved gallery is being built for neighborhood participation and enjoyment!!

It will be slightly taller, deeper, and wider… with angled walls for better viewing…

Made of exterior-grade plywood so no cracking from the sun’s heat…

With charming, overlapping wood strips on sides and roof…

It will be barn red!!!! With the same ‘crystal’ doorknob but with exterior hinges to reduce rainwater leakage…



(Hope local creatives have been busy and will be ready

to install pieces for the grand reopening…)