March 30, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

March 5th was the one year anniversary of the freelittleartgallery_ws1. AMAZING!

March 2022 had some warmer weather, some rain, snow flurries, and cold days. It was a slower month for people TAKING art, but here’s the art that passed through the gallery that I was able to catch and photograph:

Things were moving slowly, so STREAMERS were added to the free little art gallery. They really catch your eye when the wind is blowing!

MORE encouragement to TAKE art!!

Looking forward to April with new and previous artists contributing to the fun, and new and previous patrons taking art to enjoy or pass on to someone else…

Happy Spring!

February 28, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

Whoopee, the free little art gallery is back thanks to talented, local artist/craftsperson, Mark Pashayan!!! Gallery viewers, art recipients, walkers and joggers have expressed gratitude that the whimsical, create-and-share has returned to the 1700 block of Virginia Road!!

Grand re-opening art included some pieces that quickly moved out to new forever homes:

Then we had a weekend of windy, RAINY weather…

But FLAG2 was quickly back for creativity sharing:

Unfortunately, one of our favorite gallery patrons disappeared:

We miss Sassy!!

A creative family in New Jersey sent freelittleartgallery_ws1 some of their pieces:

New York artist, @smoothraypaints, mailed some cool prints and more items continued to be placed in the gallery.

Looking forward to more creativity in March…

Thank you all

January 29, 2022 freelittleartgallery_ws1

A new and improved gallery is being built for neighborhood participation and enjoyment!!

It will be slightly taller, deeper, and wider… with angled walls for better viewing…

Made of exterior-grade plywood so no cracking from the sun’s heat…

With charming, overlapping wood strips on sides and roof…

It will be barn red!!!! With the same ‘crystal’ doorknob but with exterior hinges to reduce rainwater leakage…



(Hope local creatives have been busy and will be ready

to install pieces for the grand reopening…)

December 31, 2021 freelittleartgallery_ws1

All of the following items were donated to the free little art gallery this month!

December 6, 2021

enthusiastic gallery patrons, December 12, 2021

Alas, after those mid-December rains, there was standing water in the gallery again. The remaining art was stored til reopening when the gallery was for repairs. Upon review, it was decided to remove the gallery for SERIOUS repairs. It’s now in the hands of contributor Mark Pashayan for rehab or perhaps an entirely new gallery!!

removed for SERIOUS repairs


December 4, 2021 freelittleartgallery_ws1

The weather got colder for awhile, and traffic past the gallery as well as contributions to the gallery decreased. And when people did go by, they seemed to be walking faster 😉

On a warmer day, I got to meet the charming Deacon who left the thank you note last month. He and his grandmother often have the gallery as a destination on their walks.

The art donated to the gallery in November:

I hope the creative contributions increase in December.

It’s a wonderful time to share with others!

November 4, 2021 freelittleartgallery_ws1

freelittleartgallery_ws1 on October 2, 2021

The gallery started October with a full exhibit and continued to sport a cookie sheet clipped to the roof to prevent further rain damage. The copper sheeting arrived but during installation, it became apparent the copper would become dangerously hot in the afternoon sun, so the cookie sheet was popped back on.

Here is the known art that passed through the gallery in October. Joan m Carter, in Texas, mailed quite a few items for our neighborhood’s pleasure, and we are most grateful for her generous contributions. Also, local artists Mark Pashayan and Ellen Murphy were frequent contributors. Please consider what creativity YOU might share!!

Encouragement for the freelittleartgallery_ws1 came from Deacon. Having young supporters and contributors makes the gallery all the more special!!

It seemed wise to close the gallery for Halloween– time for repairs of spraying flex seal on the roof and filling holes and repainting the walls and floor. The gallery will be reopened any day now.


October 2, 2021 freelittleartgallery_ws1

September weather included hot days and rainy days, yet new art continued to be installed and taken by local art creators and patrons. The gallery received a lot of positive comments from people walking by who always look to see what’s new, sometimes taking an item, sometimes adding one, but mostly in the spirit of appreciation.

After a few days of hard rain, it became apparent the roof caulking wasn’t enough and there was standing water in the gallery. Again. So much for ‘weathering future storms in style.!! I ran out at 3 a.m. to put a baking sheet on the roof!!! Hopefully, that copper sheeting will arrive and I’ll figure out how to best attach it (fingers crossed).

Here are the items I was able to photograph before they moved to new homes. Unmarked or illegible items are unkown artist (UKA):



September 7, 2021 freelittleartgalleryws_1

New “Follow” sign

It’s been a month with lots of positive comments from people walking by!!! They all appreciate the whimsy and beauty the Free Little Art Gallery brings to their daily walks. Several artists from out of state have mailed artwork to offer in our neighborhood gallery…. how much fun is that!?

We had LOTS of rain with wind at times, and there was water in the gallery!!! The small bench’s wood glue dissolved, and some art on paper got a bit curly. The gallery’s been dried out, caulked, and a copper roof has been ordered. The bench has been re-glued, and the gallery will weather future storms in style.

Remember, when you take items, it leaves room for new ones to be installed!!

Here’s what’s currently installed or has moved through the gallery the past month:

Yard Art Day 2021 Installation: Rainbow Bottle Garden with flowers from repurposed magazine images, chocolate boxes and plastic sign holders.


August 6, 2021 freelittleartgallery_ws1

The Crabby Critic

Gotta love this gal!!! Not all gallery patrons appreciate some of the pieces left in the gallery, and that’s okay. Each viewer brings her/his own experiences and preferences to the interpretation and appreciation of art works. We welcome Crabby Critic to our rotating group of ‘little people’!

Here is an update on pieces that are either in the gallery as of this date or have been taken by passersby:

New Free Little Art Gallery Lettering, July 29_2021

July 13, 2021 freelittleartgallery_ws1

Maybe there were fewer people passing by on those HOT days we had in the past few weeks, but items have not been moving as quickly through the gallery!! These are are what have been displayed since the last update: