contemplation: Cocoon

“contemplation: Cocoon”…

…was inspired by those capsules of metamorphosis: coverings that offer protection and a sense of safety while radical change is occurring; compaction followed by expansion; transformation that erupts into new potential; the known versus the unknown; darkness leading to light; gestation and birth. Cocoons are symbols of the deep, silent miracle of consciousness and of the impermanence and change of physical existence. Metamorphosis can be viewed as intrapersonal and interpersonal phenomenon: Who I am at this moment is not who I can/will be in the next moment; The choices we make today may be different from the ones we make tomorrow. Every moment can be a hope-filled birthing… an intentional transformation.


Winter Cocoon triptych: This series was painted in January when the studio was cold and my shoulders hunched together in the effort to stay warm. The Winter Cocoons are rolling, probably trying to stay warm too! And the middle painting in the series reflects that compaction to conserve heat, with what could be icicles pressing upward… There is somber silence as the internal transformation begins.

Winter Metamorphosis triptych: Within that dark silence, new life stirs. All sorts of mystery and magic occur inside the cocoons. The swirling metamorphosis of transformation and new possibilities begins to coalesce… and yet with integral links to what came before… Same, but different.

Summer Cocoon triptych: Started when the seasons had rolled into a few hot, Spring days, the Summer Cocoons are contained shapes in opposing cones of life-giving Light. There is a tension between lightness and darkness as the metamorphosis inside expands and comes closer to erupting. The middle painting expresses that expansion of joyous Light.

Primitive Self-Cocoon diptych: Consistent, glorious, Spring days inspired the bursting, vibrant colors of the Primitive Self-Cocoon. Dangling by only a thin thread to the known, this cocoon is large enough to contain the artist (or viewer) in a safe haven, resting and incubating before evolving into an as yet unkown manifestation of self… Same, but different.

Oppositional Cocoons diptych: The monochromatic palette of Oppositional Cocoons reflects the temperatures of the cold winter months during which this series was created. There are smaller cocoons embedded in the larger areas, which are being compacted or expanded depending on how the pieces are hung. This ambiguity reminds us of the importance of perspective: the opposite can be so true when seen from another side…

Yin Yang Cocoons diptych: The rich verdant green of nature supports and nourishes the developing manifestations of life. The Yin Yang Cocoons symbolize the balance of opposites. The wider end of the Yin Cocoon draws its energy from the earth, and the Yang Cocoon draws its primary energy from above.

Genesis series: The paintings in the Genesis series are bursting explosions of energy and light released after containment in the cocoons. There is fluidity in creation, with the exhilaration of expansion and joy… and the awareness of a process larger and greater than oneself.

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